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Warm Up / Stretch

We start every class with a warm up to get you ready and in the zone!

High Intensity, Raw, Explosive, Extreme Body Battled Conditioning Exercises

Our classes are designed to push your limits and take your fitness to the next level.



Boxing Indoors

Whether you have aspirations to be the next Danny Green, or you’re just looking for a good cardio workout, Boxing is for you!

With the aim of burning 500 calories per class, you will learn safe boxing techniques, improve co-ordination, tone arms, tone legs (you will be surprised!), build up your cardio fitness and shed some weight.

From beginners, through to the fitness elite, we have a variety of attendees each week, so you’ll never feel out of place.

The Wrecking Yard
The name says it all … THE WRECKING YARD.

This class is, THE CLASS THAT’S NEXT LEVEL and designed to take your exercising to new heights. The activities in this class are tailored to elevate your heart rate quickly and introduce your body to a new style of movements. It’s an outdoor class based in our backyard at the back of the studio.

It may sound intimidating, and it can be, but like all of our classes, just work at the level you’re comfortable with and give your fitness time to build.

Group Circuit Training

Variety is the spice of life! If you only have time for one class a week, make it a circuit class as your entire body will get the benefits of Improved strength, tighter tone and healthier fitness, all at the same time.

These classes have great energy, loads of fun and Incorporating all the aspects of exercising, including weights, core work, mobility, stretching, bikes, treadmills, rowers, skipping ropes, medicine balls and much, much more. By using all our exercise machines you’ll get an all-over workout targeting and helping to melting away that ugly, unwanted body fat for good.


Time poor? …..or do you just like to … get in … get it done and move on with your day? If either of these appeal to you then our RELENTLESS class is for you!

A short 20 minute intense workout where the clock doesn’t stops and you’ll get no rest breaks from us (you can choose to take one if you need to) designed to push your fitness levels and burn 200+ calories in the 20 minutes!
Pair this class up with a WRECKING YARD class once a week and you’ll be fantastically fit in no time!

Fat Burner

A high-intensity interval-style workout, which incorporates cardiovascular moves with a mixture of cross-training, functional training, core strength and weight exercises. This class is designed to push you to your limit. Be prepared for a challenge!


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Survival Stories from the Wrecking Yard

Kym Balke

“I love the structure of the classes. I commit each week to whatever ones I can fit in around my roster. I lock in the times – easy, no brainer! I also enjoy the smaller class sizes cos there’s nowhere to hide. Guess that’s why I’ve been coming for almost eight years!”

Kym Balke

Janelle M.

“The group training at The Wrecking Yard is challenging but fun & social. The friendly atmosphere as well as the amazing trainers keep me interested in exercise & keeps me coming back.”

Janelle M.

Andrea B.

“It’s a great workout with really nice people, in a safe environment and plenty of variety. I always leave feeling happy and in positive frame of mind.”

Andrea B.


“I’ve been coming to The Wrecking Yard for many years now and I keep coming back because I love the workouts and the personal training team is very supportive, knowledgeable and just real people.”


Kelly Barker

“I not only feel more energetic than ever, but stronger, faster, fitter and leaner”

Kelly Barker

Shane Morrison

“Awesome high intensity session to mix up my current training”

Shane Morrison

Brad Sheppard

“Count me as a regular now”

Brad Sheppard


“It was what I expected, tuff ….. but so worth the pain”